Academic Year 2021-2022


Digitalisation in Public Sector: Online Service Delivery in Albania and EU

Through this course students will gain:

> Knowledge and understanding in the area of EU digital agenda and Albania public sector digitalisation.

>They will gain knowledge on the EU digital agenda; on Albanian Digital Agenda; on Digitalisation in Public Sector such as integrated services, online services, e-government; monitoring and quality assurance of digitalisation; alignment to EU Access Process; New Enlargement Strategy and Berlin Process.


This is not a technology course, rather the use of technology in public sector. While students obtain technology knowledge and skills in other modules such as Management of Information Systems, Programming, Web Design, etc., in this course they will learn the implications of advanced technologies in public sector in EU and in Albania.





  • Digital Government and Data-Driven Public Sector in European Union
  • Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Impact of Digitalisation in European Union
  • Case of Albania: Proliferation of Internet and ICTs
  • Digital Agenda in Albania
  • Public Sector in Albania
  • Reforms of Digitalisation in Public Sector: Key Actors and the EU
  • Digitalisation in Public Sector: Online Services through E-Albania
  • Digitalisation in Public Sector: Integrated Databases of public Institutions: ADISA 
  • Digitalisation in Public Sector: Citizens’ and business satisfaction
  • EU Accession Process and Conditionality Effect on Reform of Digitalisation of Public Services

Syllabus in English can be found here

Syllabus in Albanian can be found here

Academic Year

 Scientific Conference Presentation by Jean Monnet Module Coordinator

Dr. Erjon Curraj, Jean Monnet Module Coordinator, presented at the “2021 – Creative Future Insights 2021 – Creative Industries and Experience Economy” Scientific Conference, a paper on “Inclusive digitalisation in post COVID-19 reality: Digital skills in creative industries in Albania”.


This research is part of the Erasmus+ project Jean Monnet Module “Embracing EU Digital Agenda: Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Transformation in Albania” / (EDA) at the Professional College of Tirana (KPT). Jean Monnet Module is coordinated by Dr. Erjon Curraj supported by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


Scientific Conference Agenda


Book of Abstracts

Empowering the next generation through digital skills and mobility: Erasmus + Opportunities

This October, the Professional College of Tirana (Kolegji Profesional i Tiranes – KPT) celebrated #ErasmusDays 2021 with a workshop, showcasing the transformative power of the Erasmus+ program in nurturing the next generation’s digital competencies and fostering mobility in higher education. This was organized in the framework of the Jean Monnet Module Project, funded by the European Union.

Under the insightful leadership of Dr. Erjon Curraj, the Jean Monnet Module coordinator, KPT hosted a vibrant gathering of academics, students, practitioners, policymakers, and representatives from the business and civil society sectors. The event was a deep dive into the digital skills and literacies essential for today’s youth in Albania, highlighting the critical need to bridge the digital skills gap and promote an inclusive digitalization process.

Erasmus Day Agenda

Dr. Diana Biba set the tone with a welcoming note, emphasizing the college’s role in fostering digital skills. Keynote speakers, including Ms. Kleina Kasanai from the National Youth Agency and Mrs. Faola Hodaj from the Municipality of Tirana, illuminated the discussions with their perspectives on youth innovation and digital programs. The workshop also provided a platform to explore the Italian experience in digital skills development within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, presented by Enaip NET, shedding light on international best practices and collaborative opportunities. This also helped to build synergies with other EU funding. The Jean Monnet Coordinator, Dr. Curraj, stressed the need to address digital skills gap and to focus on inclusive digitalization process and also reflect on the impact of digitalization on #education, workforce, and human rights

In addition to enrich talks and engaging discussions, the workshop served as a showcase for KPT’s active involvement in various Erasmus+ projects. This includes the Jean Monnet Module, aimed at enhancing higher education capacity building, and VET Mobility, crucial for preparing students for the global workforce.

The workshop was not just an event but a call to action, urging stakeholders at all levels to embrace the digital era’s opportunities and challenges. By fostering a robust dialogue on the impact of digitalization on education, workforce readiness, and human rights, KPT is steering the conversation towards a future where Albanian youth are equipped, empowered, and inspired to make meaningful contributions at the local and international levels.

As we reflect on the insights shared and the connections forged during #ErasmusDays 2021, it’s clear that the journey toward digital empowerment is well underway at KPT, with the promise of a brighter, more interconnected future for all.

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